"...An obligation to soften the world."


Hi, I’m Renee.


I’m a creative problem solver taking strides in the marketing world with an interest in social media strategy, UX and computer aid design. I’m both empathetic and efficient and I work well under pressure. I know how to deliver on brand work, on time, every time.


 I have gained industry experience in my Fashion Marketing bachelor’s degree. Alongside my studies, I take on every creative opportunity that I can to create and elevate the voices, faces and designers whose values align with my own. I’m dedicated to my craft and to hard work.


I believe in strong female voices as well as branded, consistent and omnichannel marketing strategies.


Embracing a fierce love of female empowerment, unique energy and an obligation to soften the world, my work with 35mm film delicately sews the lines of tenderness and androgyny together. My creative work explores grain, tradition, nostalgia and curiosity. While also endeavouring to allow my work to be fluid, and appeal to all genders and lived experiences.


I’m passionate about finding creative ways to solve problems and develop unique ideas.


If you’d like to work together soon, I’d love to hear from you.




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