"...An obligation to soften the world."

Renee Leah- film and video photographer


Bespoke 35MM photographer based at SCHOOL HOUSE STUDIOS collaborating with Melbourne's elite creatives and businesses.

Renee Leah is a Melbourne based photographer. With an admiration of organic matter,  Renee detected there was a dire need to slow things down, capture moments with grain, tradition, nostalgia and curiosity with the creative minds surrounding her.  

Embracing a fierce love of female empowerment, unique energy and an obligation to soften the world. Renee Leah delicately sews the lines of tenderness & androgyny together allowing her creations to be fluid appealing to all genders.

Renee Leah is currently working with a plethora of talent including but not limited to: artists, fashion designers, stylists & illustrators, actors/actresses, models, yoga instructors & meditation teachers.

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